IDNetwork presents


Where to find inspiration and structure your time as an unemployed?

MePlatform is a revolutionary collaboration portal while unemployment.

How it works

We empower the unemployed

based the building blocks around these core concepts

Career counseling

Its possible to get direct and personal counseling where you are in focus.


Get a private mentor which can help with navigation, provide feedback and guidence.

Upgrading your skills

Increase your skills by positive motivation and different suggestions.


The entire platform is based upon your interests and will take it into account.

Show your work

Show your hard work on external profiles for people you select and get directly feedback.


We provide Micro Communities for your interests which will gather specific categories of talents the same places.

Personal Sparring

You can get direct feedback on current things you set out, and directly show it to the people who have the knowledge and can evaluate your efforts.


Collaborate with others in exactly the same situation as you, you can both draw inspiration, but also motivate yourself to put more effort.

What we do

Now in Development


The main entry point.


Job related module.


Code related module.


Design related module.