New Platform getting released

Launching MePlatform

We are proud as a startup company to present our newest child in the classroom: a platform for unemployed and people who need skillup in specific fields.

Built and focused around Micro communities (which are here to stay), we developed an engaging web portal full of interaction and collaboration. Users can freely choose how much they share with each other and by seeing others activities they get motivated in a positive way to try work harder, better and more focused.

The platform is built for everybody, but is focusing on unemployed.

What we do

We empower the unemployed.

The MePlatform provides countless of features:

Career counseling

Its possible to get direct and personal counseling where you are in focus.


Get a private mentor which can help with navigation, provide feedback and guidence.

Upgrading your skills

Increase your skills by positive motivation and different suggestions.


The entire platform is based upon your interests and will take it into account.

Show your work

Show your hard work on external profiles for people you select and get directly feedback.


We provide Micro Communities for your interests which will gather specific categories of talents the same places.

Personal Sparring

You can get direct feedback on current things you set out, and directly show it to the people who have the knowledge and can evaluate your efforts.

Social Collaboration

Collaborate with others in exactly the same situation as you, you can both draw inspiration, but also motivate yourself to put more effort.

How does it work?

The MePlatform is a network of websites working together to provide an easy-to-use interface for documenting your activities toward better qualifications and ultimately a full time job.

Current build 0.0.7

Plans for Administration

By delivering an administration where companies can manege their own private networks, called Clouds. Inviting unemployed to start contribute to the overall network, by logging and documenting their activities. Inspiring others in the same network to take action.

The Summit Package

  • ✓ Manage 2 Clouds.
  • ✓ 2x 10 Administrators.
  • ✓ 2x 100 Users.
  • ✓ Direct Communication.
  • ✓ Standard Email Templates.
  • ✓ Standard Reports.
  • ✓ Support Tickets.
12.500,- DKK per months.

The Mountain Package

  • ✓ Manage 5 Clouds.
  • ✓ 5x 15 Administrators.
  • ✓ 5x 250 Users.
  • ✓ Direct Communication.
  • ✓ Custom Email Templates.
  • ✓ Custom Support.
  • ✓ Educational Videos.
28.000,- DKK per months.

The Sky Package

  • ✓ Manage 25 Clouds.
  • ✓ Unlimited Administrators.
  • ✓ 25x 1000 Users.
  • ✓ Direct Communication.
  • ✓ Custom Email Templates.
  • ✓ Custom Reports.
  • ✓ Personalized Analytics.
  • ✓ Sky Support.
  • ✓ In-House Education.
54.000,- DKK per months.


The current state of the platform is: Open Access.

We have open access, so you can try it out.

Do you want to signup your company?

Average reply time: 5.6 minutes..
Current build 0.0.7

Skyland Features

To be able to Manage your clouds and users, you can

Manage Clouds
You can manage your cloud, inviting users or administrators to it, and push it 'up' whenever you want. You can also pull it 'down' if you are doing major patch changes.
Statistics & Analytics
When users are active and doing activity, you can see it in 'real time'. By following them second by second you can even give them feedback live, with sugesstions or corrections on their actions.
On the Go
Skyland can be managed by an iOS or Android App, to quickly invite users or administrators. Users interaction with the MePlatform is only for larger screens.
Direct Engagement
Engage with your users with email, messages or by other Instant Messaging services. Give them feedback on-the-fly.
Daily or Weekly Reports
Schedule reports to land in your inbox daily, to give a detailed overview of how the users are engaging your cloud.
We can visit your Company, and educate your people and make them experts in how to use our features and how to handle your users with best scenarios.

Need answers? FAQ

With our Helpcenter or Learning Center we can help you with everything.

Can we change plans later on?
Yes we provide scalable solutions. You can always upgrade or downgrade depending on your needs.
What is Sky Support?
We at IdNetwork have a department full of 'Sky Marshals', which can help you 24/7, 365.
Can I try before I buy?
Indeed. You can try the MePlatform which are currently in Beta which you can find here on the following link:
You can also try the Administration by accessing the URL
Do you have an API?
Yes, currently under development. But it will go public soon, where its possible to do CRUD operations after acquiring an Access Token.
How long time have you been in Beta?
We are far from done, and started Beta in June, 2.5 months after starting developing the MePlatform.
How many are you in IdNetwork?
Only a couple of brave souls.